L’Association des InfirmiÈres Sages-Femmes d’Haiti (AISFH)

AISFH was founded in 2004. Their mission is to help promote the profession of Midwifery in order to decrease the maternal infant mortality rate in Haiti. They work collaboratively with other entities (such as the Minister of Health, Obstetricians, etc) to provide and promote health and wellness throughout Haiti.



President: Marie Juliana Francois Joesph

Vice President: Yves Carmelle Fanfan Fenelus

SecretaryValentine Kettelie

Adjunct Secretary: Daphnee Saint Cyr

Communication & Public RelationsMarthe Elvire Fenelon

TreasurerMyriam Gibbs

Adjunct Treasurer: Eleine Alcidas

Advisor: Agathe Francisque

 Advisor: Virginie Pluviose


Presidente:Marie Juliana Francois Joesph

Vice Presidente: Yves Carmelle Fanfan Fenelus

SecretaireValentine Kettelie

Secretaire Adjointe: Daphnee Saint Cyr

Responsable de communication et Relation Publique: Marthe Elvire Fenelon

TresoriereMyriam Gibbs

Tresoriere Adjointe: Eleine Alcidas

Conseiller: Agathe Francisque

 Conseillere: Virginie Pluviose

For more information contact:  

14, Rue Cheveau, Delmas 19