Happy hour at The Ledge hosted by Carriage House Birth-- Sept 9, 2019

Thank you Carriage House Birth & The Ledge for helping FAHM promote the midwifery model of care in Haiti!

Congrats to one of FAHM's founders and treasurer Dr Karen Jefferson!

Look! Second from the left... our very own Dr Karen Jefferson!!

Thomas Jefferson University, in Philladelphia, and made history by graduating the first ever USA recognized Doctorate of Midwifery. Congrats to Karen Jefferson (or should we say Dr Jefferson?)--- You go girl! Spread the word about the benefits of evidenced based midwifery knowledge and care. #midwives #midwviwvesunited

This picture represents a new doctoral degree in our country! Three cohorts together representing the Doctorate of Midwifery. The back row in the plum blazers are the FIRST EVER Doctors of Midwifery in the US. Middle row is the second cohort and the front row is the incoming class!


Board Member, Lodz Joseph will be running local NYC races, including Rock and Roll half marathon and the Ted Corbitt 15K.  DONATE HERE

Lodz Joseph


The Foundation for Advancement of Haitian Midwives is committed to educating Haitian midwifery students and the Haitian school and associations that serve them. The 1st annual conference is in March 2016. Techniques that reduce maternal and infant death in Haiti will be passed on to Haitian women in the rural areas that desperately need maternal and child health care. As a nursing student, doula & Haitian American this is an extremely important cause to me. My family and I know the impact of losing a loved one due to lack of access to care during labor. Each race I run from October to December 2015, is in memory of my aunt. She lost her life from postpartum hemorrhage. I appreciate all your support!  Thank you.



Lodz & Karen at Miles for Midwives

Lodz & Karen at Miles for Midwives