FAHM is pleased to be working with Innovating Health International (IHI). IHI has been providing training as well as public awareness for breast and cervical cancer in nearly a dozen countries in Central and South America and Africa. They have been working along side the Ministry of Health (MSPP) in Haiti since 2004. 

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women. WHO's (World Health Organization) strategy to prevent and control cervical cancer is based on community education, prevention, and screening of precancerous lesions. They will be providing the midwives with intensive training in community outreach/ awareness as well as screening with VIA (Visual inspection with acetic acid), and treatment of identified lesions through cryotherapy (known as SEE and TREAT).

IHI- Innovating Health International- cervical & breast cancer training


St. Luc's Hospital- next to US Embassy (Tabarre)